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Since 1989, we've been helping thousands of clients, from The Aman Group to The Ritz, turn hospitality into an art form for guests.

"We needed a bespoke, 100% natural wax candle in 2 weeks. We started with no design, no fragrance, no nothing. And we had our finished product 8 days later. From start to finish, it couldn’t have been easier."

Bella Chalmer
Aman Hotel & Spas

Whether it's your own bespoke home fragrance, a tailored Parks London collection, or simply a Parks London product, our dedicated hotel and hospitality services are here to help.

Delight and remind your guests with one of the most powerful memory prompts there is—our sense of smell.

  • Comprehensive fragrance library
  • 100% Natural Wax
  • Coreless Cleanburn technology
  • Alcohol-Free Diffusers
  • Bespoke Fragrances
  • Made in England
  • MOQ: 100 units (applicable only to bespoke

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