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Is there anything more frustrating than a candle that’s lovely un-lit, burns unevenly (known as ‘tunnelling’), produces soot, smokes, or smells nice at first but then you’re struggling to catch the scent at all? 


That’s often because many manufacturers “hide” a small fragrance-free candle inside a scented candle, called a “core”. The core is the very heart of your candle (and we’re all about the heart :-) so to understand Coreless Cleanburn let’s first explain why some candle-makers use fragrance-free cores. 


Basically, candles with fragrance-free cores are far easier to make, but you may be disappointed with that fabulous fragrance you were longing for - one that stays true to the scent you first fell in love with, burns cleanly and has a strong, consistent “throw”. Isn’t that what we all want? 


So why would anyone make a candle using a fragrance-free core? 


When making candles it’s difficult to keep a piece of string upright in molten wax. If you’ve ever tried making a candle at home, you’ll know there are all kinds of solutions - from pencils to lollipop sticks and clothes-pegs. Perfect for a home hobby, but not practical when you're making lots of candles. 


That’s why so many manufacturers make it easier for themselves using a fragrance-free “core”. Sometimes you can just about see it… 


Often, when using fragrance-free cores, the candle’s poured in two stages: a first pour, followed by a “top pour” of fragrance/wax mix. 


This gives a really strong scent in-store, or when you first gift it; but once that candle burns below the top pour, the fragrance-free core’s melted by the flame and dilutes the fragrance/wax blend. 


That creates two common candle problems you may have experienced… 


  1. Tunnelling: The candle doesn’t burn down properly because a fragrance-free core and a fragrance/wax mix melt at different rates.
  2. Weak fragrance: The fragrance gets weaker as it burns, doesn’t scent your whole room/house as you’d wanted, and sometimes doesn’t smell at all.


To make in large quantities but have the candles retain their wonderful fragrance from first sniff to the very last whiff; we use Coreless Cleanburn® Technology. 


CCB uses specialised equipment and processes to avoid fragrance-free cores (and lollipop sticks :-). That’s why any candle with the Coreless Cleanburn® logo (and all Parks Candles) have a super clean-burn and consistently strong fragrance dispersion. 


Part of the CCB process also carefully controls the molten wax temperature after pouring, so the wax is viscous enough to always support the wick and keep it upright without using the core. To achieve this, every pouring line has cooling tunnels with as many as six fans in each. 


It takes years to achieve the perfect “cooling curve” for each candle. As you can imagine, different fragrances, vessel sizes, pouring rates, ambient temperatures and humidity all drastically change how the wax behaves. 


For example, pouring candles today when the ambient temperature is 21° and 68% humidity needs a different cooling curve tomorrow if it’s only 20°. 


The cooling curve is also optimised for minimising air bubbles (sometimes formed as wax cools), and seasonal variations in natural ingredients. 


Every single Parks Candle is made with Coreless Cleanburn® Technology.

No fragrance-free cores, all heart, zero disappointment.