If you're unhappy with your order please let us know – you’ll be helping us improve and we’re grateful.

If you can email us photos that’s often helpful. Depending on the issue, we’ll normally either send replacements or arrange a collection.

Please bear in mind that unlike paraffin-based candles, many of the natural crops we use can vary from batch to batch.

This can lead to;

  • Colour variations - but this shouldn’t affect the way our scented candles burn if burnt correctly.

  • Occasionally very subtle shifts in scent profile.

  • We think this a small price to pay for using naturals.

    All our scented candles use Coreless Cleanburn technology for a consistently strong fragrance throw and super-clean burn. If you’re unhappy with their fragrance delivery, it’s extremely important to us that you let us know. Especially if you’re doing all the right things to get the perfect burn.

    If you’ve any queries or order issues, don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] or call 0208 830 6300.
    We're always happy to help :-)