Since 1989, we’ve been making home fragrance ranges for thousands of brands
From start-ups to world famous names, thousands of brands trust Parks London to develop and deliver on time and on budget.

  • Making it simple
  • MOQ 100 units
  • Comprehensive fragrance library
  • 100% Natural Wax
  • Coreless Cleanburn technology
  • Alcohol Free Diffusers
  • Bespoke Fragrances
  • Made in England

  • Making it simple - from Concept to Compliance to Customer delight

    Making it simple - candle making behind the scenes

    A dedicated project manager and development team looking after all your needs - from 3D CAD to burn test labs, production and delivery.
    More than a "contract filler", since 1989 we’ve been learning and sharing what it takes for a brand to delight customers to share your success

    Full compliance, no worries, no logistics, no headaches

    burn testing lab at candle manufacturing factory

    Imagine not having to think about regulatory compliance, sourcing, supply chain and deliveries.
    Imagine having your very own team with decades of experience.
    Now you can focus on what you love doing - creating, marketing and selling your brand.

    Making it Naturally

    5 head candle filler

    Eco-friendly, sustainable sourcing - making things naturally is in our DNA. Parks didn’t jump on the home fragrance, environment bandwagon - we pioneered it.

    Best Kept Secret

    Until Bentley Motor Cars recognised us as one of 100 Great British manufacturers in 2019 our white label services were one of the home fragrance industry’s best kept secrets.

    bentley awards

    In other words, we’re more than a “Made in England” label… and much more than UK manufacturers who through “affiliates” in far flung countries use Made in England label.

    More Secret Sauces

    Coreless Cleanburn technology

    It’s how Parks London scented candles became the benchmark for “paraffin/mineral” wax to beat. Every one of your candles will have the same consistently strong fragrance throw and super-clean burn, no tunnelling or sooting.

    Fine Fragrances in-house.

    We’re the only manufacturer in the UK making its own fragrance. Buying raw ingredients and making the fragrance ourselves means your fragrance can only be matched by other brands costing twice as much.

    In-house passion and expertise

    We’ve been doing this so long we sometimes forget it’s our passion and experience, alongside staying curious that keeps customers happy and coming back. We simply love what we do. And we’re grateful our customers agree…

    "8 DAYS"

    "We needed a bespoke, 100% natural wax candle in 2 weeks. We started with no design, no fragrance, no nothing. And had our finished product 8 days later. From start to finish couldn’t have been easier."

    Bella Chalmer
    Aman Hotel & Spas

    "So Easy"

    "The Parks team were lovely and make everything so easy. Our brands unique design means our production partner’s product development and manufacturing have to be superb. In less than a month we went from idea to developing, testing, production and delivery"

    Petra Schröckeneder
    Founder - Be My Friend

    "Core Values"

    "Customer loyalty is a major thing for our brand. To remind clients of our brand whilst reflecting our core values we wanted something affordable, eco-friendly and Made in England"

    Holli Rogers
    CEO - Browns Fashions