Our Story


When Carol Symons children flew the nest in 1989, she followed her dream…


“I' knew how scents changed your mood and life at home from my own experience, but thought home fragrance shouldn't cost the earth.


Carol opened a small London boutique with a collection of gifts and three scented candles. It was always the candles people were drawn to…

With 100% natural wax and her favourite scent (Parks Original), it wasn’t long before brands like Harrods recognised the quality, long lasting fragrance and clean burn. They began placing orders and the demand became impossible to meet.
Carol turned to quality candlemakers for help but they only used paraffin and without experience of dealing with natures variations between harvests. Carol’s commitment to sustainably-sourced naturals and a clean burn was a dealbreaker.
"I didn't know who to turn to but was sure if people knew they were burning a by-product of petrol in their family room they wouldn't want their family breathing carcinogens. Besides that, I believed a beautifully fragranced home shouldn’t cost the earth”.



Carols husband Sidney was recruited to the cause. Together, they built a team of like-minded artisans and a factory to develop the cutting edge processes for nature to out-perform paraffin. As demand for home fragrance naturals grew, alcohol-free diffusers and room sprays followed - all developed with the same guiding principles and values.

At the heart of all we do and make is "A beautifully fragranced home shouldn't cost the earth".
“Hand-blending from sustainably sourced raw ingredients was the key to giving customers better value than brands who buy in finished fragrance. It’s a lot less expensive, has farm-to-table natural quality, and with 100% natural wax is planet friendly. Combine that with Coreless CleanBurn®  and the longer lasting scent plus super-clean burn gives unmatchable quality at any price point."

Parks is still a family run business, with a 33,000ft² facility in the heart of the UK and customers on all five continents - but we’ve never forgotten the values which brought us here. Every hour of every day, someone, somewhere on the planet is smiling because they’ve just lit or been given one of our candles. That’s why we love what we make. Naturally :-).